Fibre Network Expansions

A demonstrated leader in expeditious approvals, Cypress Land Services Inc. enables your build crew to expand and build out your fibre networks uninhibited by costly delays.  Experienced throughout Western Canada, let us know where you plan to expand and we'll have the doors opened and waiting for you. 

Project management & Coordination

Cypress Land Services Inc. understands execution.  We also understand that every project is a priority.  We help navigate projects around road blocks to help get you to your goal as soon as absolutely possible.  Tailoring a unique set of Project Management Services for each client, Cypress Land Services Inc. will seamlessly integrate with your existing program and project management tools to ensure effective and accurate tracking of projects.

Drone Services

Winston Churchill had once said "It is always wise to look ahead, but difficult to look further than you can see".  This is where Cypress Land Services Inc. could have helped out with our fleet of drones.  To date, our drones have helped our clients undergo due diligence, determine tower height requirements, confirm line of sight, obtain aerial imagery as well as conduct tower and site inspections.  Let us help you change with the times.

There is no substitute for hard work.

- Thomas A. Edison

Cypress Land Services Inc.


Site Identification & Acquisitions

Cypress Land Services Inc. provides site acquisition services to secure the land rights required for the development of infrastructure.  Our extensive experience in research and negotiations as well as our knowledge of contract and real property law help our clients deliver projects both on-budget and on-time.  Our rich experience includes a wide scope across Western Canada - acquiring Right of Ways in Vancouver's urban core to agreements with First Nations in the Peace River Region, to Crown Land rights in Kitimat to private properties in the Yukon.

Land use consultation & Municipal Affairs

Backed by a team of noted experienced planners, Cypress Land Services Inc. has a strong track record of obtaining all necessary governmental approvals and pushing projects across finish lines ahead of schedule - even with publicly controversial projects. Contacts, up-to-date knowledge of regulation across all levels of government, detailed project management, and a highly professional approach are the key factors to our continued success.


Cypress Land Services Inc., given our vast market knowledge, is well placed to advise clients on the management of their existing portfolio in terms of agreement renewals, fee (re)negotiations, re-locations and equipment consolidations.  With a strong track record of success, we at Cypress Land Services Inc. are able to provide you peace of mind.